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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Donnell Nichols: Dedicating life to emergency services

Donnell Nichols: Dedicating life to emergency services

Please help me continue to help others

Its 6pm on a cold winters day, a friend hits me up and ask if I have seen the news regarding the missing child. I quickly turn the news on and gather details and mobilize into action. Phone calls are made, information gathered, team is put together and maps are finalized.

This is what I do.  When a child or special needs person goes missing in New York I quickly mobilize so that I can help the family search, provide a support system, organize and coordinate search efforts and keep the flow of information open to the media.

Its not always easy and its usually long days and very long nights away from home. Searching in an urban environment like New York City is very difficult and has its own very unique challenges. My team has spent many years finding ways to address each possible challenge so that we may develop a better way to search when we mobilize.

I love the work I do, it keeps me going each day and even though I do not get paid for my efforts I know my reward is in helping the family make it trough the tough process of looking for a missing loved one.

I first got involved in search and rescue when I was 15 years old. I joined a group called Citywide REACT Search and Rescue. I was excited at the opportunity to do something for my community and I was even more excited by all the skills and tactics I learned. I quickly became a ham radio operator and would later gain my GMRS radio license. I was so excited about the volunteer work I was doing I joined the American Red Cross and Salvation Army Disaster Services Division. I just new at a young age community work was my calling. I would later join the United States Navy and become an Intelligence Specialist and Served on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I would volunteer to take orders to the Tactical Support Center in Sigonella Sicily where I would brief Pilots and ground forces for Operations in Bosnia. I would get the opportunity to fly aboard collection missions with VP-45 and be a part of PIFWC Operations (Persons Indicted for War Crimes). I got the chance to serve in the Persian Gulf, travel the world and earn a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Expeditionary Medal a Nato Medal and many other medals and letters of commendation.

After the service I continued my work in the community by joining Americorps and being a part of community rebuilding as an Americorps Vista. I would then come back to New York where I would take on a position at the Salvation Army but due to the budget I took the position without pay. As Field Operations Liaison I was responsible for coordinating disaster response operations in the field throughout New York State. I worked on various disasters like the Astoria blackouts, and Hurricane Katrina. I later would get recruited by the American Red Cross and serve as a Senior Supervisor in Greater New York and six months later I would be promoted to Manager of Westchester County Red Cross Disaster Response.

I became an Emergency Medical Technician and started my own organization (NYC REACT Search and Rescue) so that I could help communities and people in their time of need. I am sure I will never receive the great city proclamations, I will probably never get any rewards, I receive very little recognition for the work that I do, but I keep on doing it because its in my heart. My mother taught me at a young age that even though we grew up with next to nothing in the inner city projects "I am somebody." I never had to make excuses, never had to have my hand out and ask for anything, I served my country because we should all give back so that the fight for freedom can always be fought.

My mother taught me the value of life so I never joined gangs, or sold drugs, I never robbed or had fights because my mother let me know i am above that. My mom gave me and my other siblings values and even though my early life on this earth was not easy, I knew I was more then the housing project named Marcy where I grew Up. I was going to be somebody.

I made a gofundme page and I was just shocked at how hard it is to get people to donate. I hoped for the chance to get a new response vehicle so I could keep doing the work that I do but its not easy. I wont give up, I will not back down. If you want to help you can go to I believe what I do matters. Please pass it on and donate even if its just one dollar. I am a veteran who continues to do community work as most of us do. Please help me to continue the work I love. I believe it matters.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zimmerman Trial

Trayvon Martin was visiting his father and step mother along with his little brother. That night his little brother wanted a pack of skittles and Trayvon went to the store and bought a pack of skittles and an arizona iced tea. He started walking back to the house while he was on the phone with a friend. George Zimmerman a wannabe police officer who started a neighborhood watch and carried a gun was profiling Trayvon Martin when he saw him in the complex. Thinking Trayvon was a criminal he called the police non emergency line and played police officer by investigating and tracking who he though was a criminal. From Zimmermans account you would think that Trayvon Martin was a criminal in the complex up to no good, how ever at the time he gave his statements he didnt know yet that Trayvon Martin was just a kid visiting his father in the complex. He tried to use words and statements he claims Trayvon made to appear as if Trayvon was up to no good and Zimmerman stopped his potential crime spree. What kid goes to the store and gets an iced tea and skittles then returns all while on the phone with his friend but planning to rob a home or car. Zimmerman is a wannabe cop who thought he would be viewed as a hero. He killed an unarmed innocent teenager who actually was in the complex visiting a family member. What kind of neighborhood watch is Zimmerman if he kills people that belong in the complex. Trayvon Martin is not alive because Zimmerman felt it necessary to stop him and bother him. Trayvon Martin needed to fight to keep hisself alive, All this 17 year old child new was a creepy man was following him and continued to follow him even when he stopped walking on the road. Trayvon Martin could only see a man who was not a police officer, a man who was not in a uniform but was following him so he had to protect himself, he had to defend himself from this guy who could be a child molestor. Zimmerman was snot protecting himself he was the aggressor. He needs to be convicted of murder.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Clouds by Zach Sobiech

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alano, Nice showcase real talent...